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2016 Financial Year in Review

2017 is here, and many of us are in the midst of tax prep. Tax returns for 2016 are due on or before April 15, 2017 or October 15, 2017 (if timely extended). Here is your quick reference guide for the preparation of 2016 tax returns.  General Tax Updates   Tax Bracket Adjustment Adjusted for inflation, income tax bracket rose …

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Getting back to basics: Why a financial game plan is so important.

Getting back to basics: Why a financial game plan is so important. Many of us are familiar with the expression, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” As an Agent with New York Life, I can assure you that—when it comes to financial goals and objectives—this old adage still rings true. In fact, it may be more relevant than ever. …

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The news is filled with stories about a credit crunch and slowing economy. Some banks have put business lending on hold, and some businesses are having trouble getting the funds they need either to operate or to expand. “Not us,” explains Mukesh Mike” Patel, chairman of Haven Trust Bank Florida. “We realize that entrepreneurs need a steady flow of cash …

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Funding Your Family’s Future jan 2016

Author by Rina Shah The Arpan Group Funding Your Family’s Future: A Guide to Choosing the Right Financial Planner Financial advisors aren’t just for millionaires. Individuals of all ages and circumstances can benefit from the guidance a financial advisor offers. Recent college graduates have different financial goals than couples in their 40s. A newly married couple may be interested in …

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2015 Year End Tax Updates and Tips

Author by Umang Thakkar   Tax time is here! What changed, and how will it impact your tax return? Don’t you feel Income Taxes are the hardest subject in the world to understand? That is exactly what Albert Einstein said way back when: “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.” Taxes have gotten more complicated since …

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Top 5 Retirement Planning Mistakes

Author by Chris Draughton, CFP Are you planning to fail or failing to plan? As you consider your finances, it is important to ask yourself this question: When it comes to your financial well-being, are you planning to fail or failing to plan? Here are the top five planning mistakes when it comes to your retirement: 1. Taking social security …

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The Importance of a Proper Estate Plan

Author by Joyce T. Mattam, Esq. Do you and your family have a safe and sound estate plan? A common misconception is that a person has to be extremely wealthy in order to have a sound estate plan in place. Such train of thought is not at all the case, especially in today’s society. In today’s world, a proper estate …

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Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation Life and Legacy

Author by Jeff Helms, CFA Passing on wealth is an American tradition that stems back to the early founders of this great country. It is a tradition that relies on the art of storytelling. However, it is also a tradition that, in today’s digital age of viral social media campaigns and “ten seconds of Internet fame,” is being lost on …

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Tax Implications to Consider When Getting Married by Seema Jain, CPA

Tax Implications to Consider When Getting Married by Seema Jain, CPA

Getting married simply for tax benefits is not suggested; however, if you are getting married for good reasons, such as true love and compatibility, then take advantage of tax planning opportunities. For most married couples who decide to file their taxes jointly, their total taxes will be lower than if they were single filing separately. Married couples filing jointly are …

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2013 Taxes: Don't Overlook These Great deductions

2013 Taxes: Don’t Overlook These Great deductions

Author by Raj Vora Since most individual taxpayers are in the process of compiling their tax returns in the coming days, below are some tax deductions/credits, though often overlooked, taxpayers are eligible for and should be considered. The following list may help taxpayers save on their taxes and increase their cash flow. Mortgage refinancing points: a taxpayer may be able …

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