July 2011

Desh Videsh July 2011 – Cover Story

Jigar Weds Sonika

Best Friends = Love For Life

Jigar and Sonika share a beautiful friendship, one that binds them together forever. A key to a good relationship is laughing together and sharing the joys in life, which is exactly how Jigar and Sonika found their relationshiop unfolding into a tremendous love life. Sonika Khushwala, 26, a physical therapist and Jigar Tataria, 29, an anaesthesiologist, first met over lunch …


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Real Wedding

Prince William weds Diana

The Royal Wedding

The Wedding The world was set ablaze by the grandeur of royal wedding as Prince William and his newly titled bride sealed the ceremony with a kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Over a million people moved down to London on this occasion and the invitee list included 1,900 people. Around 650 people were invited to the lunchtime reception …

Bridal beauty

The Fashionhs and Styles of Bridal Wear

The Fashionhs and Styles of Bridal Wear

The very mention of your wedding is sure to send shivers of excitement and nervousness down your spine. It could take over a year for you to get your shopping done – one of the most interesting and anticipated parts of your big day, quite possibly. Most brides look forward to the planning and preparation more than they do the …

Bridal Beauty

The Shimmer, Sparkle, and Glitter of Wedding Jewelry

The Shimmer, Sparkle, and Glitter of Wedding Jewelry

When planning or preparing for a wedding, it is important to cover every tiny detail. While there are things that can sometimes be overlooked, something that rarely is missed is the task of choosing the bride’s wedding jewelry. Among the top on the list of priorities, this task is something women excitedly look forward to accomplishing. There are several nuances …

Real Wedding

Meena Weds Vick

Cupid Dida

All that was common between Meena Putatunda, an Implementation Consultant in Healthcare IT and Vick Mukherjee, a Software Development Lead, was a family friend; a grandmother rather, who was no less than a god-sent messenger. She connected two families and what followed was a celebration of life. Meena and Vick began talking on phone. Soon the conversations were longer and …

Real Wedding

Amit Weds Reema

Wed At Last….

Friends since high school, Amit and Reema planned for a two week vacation in Peru to celebrate their 10-year dating anniversary. A day before the flight was scheduled, Amit asked Reema to meet him. This get-together was organized in Bridgewater by Amit’s mother, and the last minute call bothered Reema quite a bit as she wasn’t yet done with her …

Real Wedding

Shivani Weds Amit

Groom of Her Dreams

Shivani always nurtured a wish to share her life with the man of her dreams. No one really knows if Amit meets all of her criteria, but there is no doubt Shivani was glowing with happiness the day they married. On that day, she was free of the usual wedding nightmares – that Amit might leave in the middle of …


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