October 2006

Desh Videsh October 2006 – Cover Story

Cricket World Cup - A Quadrennial Celebration

Cricket World Cup – A Quadrennial Celebration

Hold your breath! Fasten your seatbelts! The countdown has begun, and cricket fever has gripped the entire world. Even cricket players feel their hearts beating faster than usual as the greatest event in the cricket world is just a few days away! It is no surprise that for fans living in cricket-crazed nations on the Indian sub-continent, euphoria has hit …


Immigration Update

Immigration Update

H-1B Application Alert We encourage foreign students on Optional Practical Training, graduate students, TN non-immigrants, anyone seeking entry to perform work in a professional position and their employers to identify potential H-1B candidates and prepare H-1B paperwork. H-1B applications to be filed under the fiscal year 2008 cap will be accepted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) no earlier …


Memorable Films From the 1980s until now - Part II

Memorable Films From the 1980s until now – Part II

Our Hindi film industry is indeed a flowing river. Through the decades, hundreds and thousands of aspiring actors, actresses, producers, and directors throng to the studios in the hope of making it big. While most of them hardly make it to the forefront, there are some who manage to withstand the initial struggle and finally get to the big league. …


Healthy Times

Healthy Times

UK-based doctors of Indian origin hear the exit bell Thousands of doctors of Indian origin in the United Kingdom previously had hopes of making it big and are now finding their hopes reduced to ashes. Recently, the doctors lost a case against changes in immigration rules that make it virtually impossible to gain employment in the country’s National Health Service …