October 2010

Desh Videsh October 2010 – Cover Story

Enlighten This Diwali

Enlighten This Diwali

   Beyond Ayodhya While the most popular legend for celebration of Diwali is Lord Rama’s glorious and long-awaited return to his Kingdom of Ayodhya after his fourteen years of exile in the forests, there are various other mythological reasons that make the day so reverential and relevant. World-renowned spiritual and yoga guru Swami Ramdev throws light on the various other …


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Incredible Indians

My Life is My Message

My Life is My Message

   Once a British reporter asked Gandhiji, while the train was pulling out of the railway station, “Do you have a message I can take back to my people?” It just happened that it was a day of silence for Gandhiji. In spite of his heavy speaking schedule, he was very religious about a day of silence. He wrote a …


A Vegetarian - way of life in The US

A Vegetarian – way of life in The US

Garden salad … caprese pasta … veggie wrap… tofu eggplant … panang curry with vegetables… these dishes might sound familiar to vegetarians who like dining out often. I visited the farmers market in Los Angeles last month and was overwhelmed and excited at the same time with the amount of food that surrounded me. Food has always been a strong …

Bridal Expo

MyShadi Bridal Expo

MyShadi Bridal Expo

    Desh-Videsh and MyShadi did it again! An exhibit hall adorned sleek, modern mandaps and glittering with dazzling jewels and clothing was the site of the MyShadi Bridal Expo held on September 12 at the Hilton Orlando Hotel. Future brides, grooms, and their families perused over 100 vendor booths during the Expo looking for wedding planning ideas and tasting food …


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