October 2012

Desh Videsh October 2012 – Cover Story

Glamourous Indian Beaches

Glamourous Indian Beaches

For the relaxed vacationer, they love to believe that life is a beach. When you vacation in India, this is literally what life can become for you. You really do not need to be in just one place to enjoy the warmth of the sun or watch it become enveloped in the embrace of the horizon. Beach tours are immensely …


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The Palatial Lavishness of India

The Palatial Lavishness of India

Vacation is all about removing all stops and living a life of nobility. While we all would love to be waited on hand and foot and enjoy a grand vacation, many of us do not know how to achieve it or feel we can afford it. One does not need to go to some exotic, faraway land tore create palatial …

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Ritu Linhart's Vanyatra

Ritu Linhart’s Vanyatra

Author by Ritu Linhart I attended the 2012 Ekal Global Learning (EGL) Tour in Raipur with a group of about twelve people in February 2012 and am jumping out of my skin to share my wonderful experience. We were heartily welcomed with garlands and bouquets by the Raipur Ekal chapter as soon as we arrived at the Raipur airport and …


Editorial October 2012

October 2012 Dear Readers, This is the best part of the year – attending upcoming festivals and planning a trip to India. Like everything else, India has come long way in tourism. All this time when we think of travel to India, we never thought about beaches, wildlife, mountain climbing, or hiking. The Indian government, with its Incredible India campaign, …

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