November 2016

Desh Videsh November 2016
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Exploring India Following the Path Less Traveled

Exploring India: Following the Path Less Traveled On your next trip to India, add sites that are rarely traveled to your itinerary and be prepared to discover the hidden treasures. By Taniya Talukdar India has always fascinated world travelers who have been highly intrigued by its rich cultural heritage. Destinations like Rajasthan, Delhi, and Agra have always been at the …


Global Luxury Travel Destinations

Global Luxury Travel Destinations By Faren Rajkumar Traveling to new places can be a luxurious and indulgent experience, no matter in which part of the world you find yourself. From the far East to Europe, every country offers its share of exotic, lavish, and comfortable vacation experiences for the individual adventurer, couples, and entire families looking for a rich getaway. …


Top Ten Tips for Stress-Free Traveling

Top Ten Tips for Stress-Free Traveling Traveling within the country or abroad? Follow these travel tips to help you stay ahead of the game. By Taniya Talukdar When preparing for a trip, there are many details to consider, especially considering the potential for pitfalls. Planning ahead for a smooth ride is a safe thing to do as one wrong step …


Holiday Sweets and Snacks

SWEETS No festival would be complete without a variety of traditional foods to make the celebration more festive … and delicious! Though we may watch our every calorie the rest of the year, the festival season is a time to indulge. Include some of these traditional favorites on your menu this festival season! Kaju Katli A standard item on any …

Blueberry smoothie in a glass with a straw and sprig of mint, over vintage wood table with fresh berries and melon.

Fit for Flight Frequent Flyer Miles in Health

Author by Nisha Jani By Nisha Jani Vacation fudge? Yes please! Vacation pudge? No thanks. Although desserts, grand dinners, and rounds of sugary drinks sound enticing, no vacation-goer wants to realize on their return flight home that they have an extra passenger on board – the infamous “food baby” (also known as, the vacation gut). Upkeeping physical health is just …


Bollywood Today

  Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shivaay compete in advance bookings The trailer for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has just been released and has evoked mixed responses. Its title song, which can well be the most melodious track of the year, and the trailer with its dialogue excerpts make it apparently clear that director Karan Johar’s favorite topic, i.e. the …

Desi TV

Desi TV Duniya

P.O.W-Bandi Yudh Ke to premiere at MAMI Star Plus has always strived to be a game changer in the world of television. This time, they do it with upcoming show P.O.W-Bandi Yudh Ke to premiere at the ongoing JIO Mami Mumbai Film Festival. This is unprecedented as since its inception 18 years ago, MAMI has never entertained television on its …


Editorial November 2016

Dear Readers, We hope everyone in our community enjoyed the many fun and engaging festivals in October with their loved ones and friends. With all the dancing, company of friends, and good foods, what is not to enjoy! Now your attention likely turns to the holidays coming up, and if you’re like us, you might be planning some travel during …

Indo Carribbean Times
Festival of India
Divali Festival in Trinidad and Tobago

Divali Festival in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, land of Carnival, steelband, tassa,calypso and chutney, is the same country that gives the world its unique brand of Divali. Indeed, the Hindu Festival of Lights has become Trinidad’s second largest national open-air festival after Carnival. Divali is a welcomed alternative to the rambunctious indulgence in meat, alcohol, party and “wine,” and is arguably the largest vegetarian …

The documentary film on Walter Rodney

The documentary film on Walter Rodney

I recently attended the screening of a documentary film titled W.A.R. Walter Anthony Rodney produced by Clairmont Chung. The film was screened as part of the Kwame Ture Memorial Lecture Series during the Emancipation Day celebrations in Port of Spain in August this year. After viewing the film, I became more convinced that the academic and politician, Walter Rodney, was …

Bollywood / Sports
Top Cricket – Bollywood Couples of All Time

Top Cricket – Bollywood Couples of All Time

Cricket is like a religion in India and cricketers are worshipped like gods. Bollywood is an equally integral part in the life of Indian movie-buffs. Fans from both arenas want to stay updated about the minutest details of their favorite cricketers and actors and are very sensitive about any news regarding their favorite stars. Any news about these actors or …

A Divali Thought

A Divali Thought

By Maltie Maharaj Her hair caresses the face of the moon. On the evening air we feel the coolness of her breath, Gently, on our face, as the streetlight is turned on. We scent her perfume in the flower by the street side gutter. You see, she does not look upon the foul or fair with difference, But blesses all …



Aries Mar 21 – Apr 19 The stars in the sky have a special plan for you this year, predicts the 2017 predictions for Aries. It is your energy and excitement which will increase rapidly in the beginning. Surprisingly, you will find yourself quite interested in religious activities. Also, you will make some long term work plannings. But, you need …

Enjoy the Celebration.... with Sweets

Enjoy the Celebration…. with Sweets

How to make sweet rice (rice pudding/kheer) Sweet rice has a unique flavour and is often eaten as a dessert. Some people enjoy it with daahl puri roti as a meal. It is also eaten ceremoniously by the dulaha (bridegroom) during the Hindu marriage ceremony. Ingredients 1/2 Ib/225 grms white rice 1 tin/397 grms condensed milk 8 – 10 grains …

Book Review
Sat Maharaj

Book Review – Sat Maharaj: An Indian Intellectual Warrior in the Caribbean

The Hindu View of Trinidad and Tobago: Articles by Sat Maharaj Selected and edited by Dr. Kumar Mahabir Book review by Ravi Dev This collection of articles written over two decades by Sat Maharaj, General Secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) of Trinidad and Tobago, is an invaluable archive of reflections on the condition of Indians, and the …

Book Review
Lakshmi Out of India

Lakshmi Out of India

By Walter Rodney LAKSHMI out of India is another gem of Guyanese literature. Primarily written targeting a children readership to entertain and educate, it is also a source document for research, and a way of extending the dialogue on the subject, especially through imaginative literature. It is not easy to secure all the pieces in this history; so, oftentimes, the …

Book Review
Indo-Caribbean Feminism

Indo-Caribbean Feminism

By Joy Mahabir, Ph.D. International Women’s Day was celebrated globally on March 8, and some countries devote the entire month of March to highlight the accomplishments of girls and women. On March 23, 1868, an indentured labourer from Iere Village, Kunjah, sent his two daughters, Mungari and Subharti, with their brother, to learn to read.  Their classroom was the doorstep …