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  • Best DIY Hair Masks for Troubled Hair

    Best DIY Hair Masks for Troubled Hair

    Many of us think of DIY hair care as simply remembering to do as our grandmothers told us and apply coconut oil to hair every now and then! But take a few extra minutes and create your own completely organic DIY hair mask to improve …

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    Top Beauty Products

    Top Beauty Products Every Bride Needs With so many details to plan for on your wedding day, taking care of yourself does not always take priority. Take a few steps now to protect and nourish your skin and hair to glow on your big day. …

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    Pre-Wedding Beauty

    Pre-Wedding Beauty Timeline for Brides-To-Be Once the date of your wedding is fixed, it is time to concentrate on your looks – to be sure your skin and hair to look picture perfect! Get an early start on your prewedding beauty plan for healthy, glowing …

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  • Hair and Makeup: How to Prepare for Your Big Day

    Hair and Makeup: How to Prepare for Your Big Day

    HAIR AND MAKEUP: HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR BIG DAY By Priscilla Charite Your big day is approaching, and you’re starting to get into the details. What exactly should you expect from your hair and makeup stylists? And just how much time do you need …

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  • Bridal Beauty Ftr Img

    Tips to Enhance Bridal Beauty

    As a little girl, you must have had a hundred dreams about how you wanted dress up on D-Day. We grew up, dreams changed, and so did our fashion choices (Thankfully so!). When the date does get set eventually, one of the most important things …

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  • Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings

    Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings

    Makeup Trends at Indian Weddings Every wedding season gives us some new trends when it comes to the decor, clothing, food and makeup…let’s take a look at the makeup trends at Indian weddings this time around. By Taniya Talukdar Every bride wants to look her …

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    A Journey Down the Aisle to Fitness

    Author by Nisha Jani While you work backwards on your wedding planning, keep your health and fitness in mind. It can make all the difference during the actual event- as well as in those photographs you’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, or mother …

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    Bridal Beauty Tips

    Author by Karuna Chani Some say a bride’s wedding day, is the most important day of her life. A special moment, when two people commit to loving and caring for each other through the highs and lows of life. And on that special day, a …

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    Archana Kochhar : Fashion, Beauty, and Haute Couture

    Having recently earned the Anokhi Excellence in Design 2015 award in Toronto, Canada, Mumbai-born designer Archana Kochhar continues to mesmerize the fashion circuit as she has done for more than a decade. A commerce and business management student, Archana followed her passion for fashion and …

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  • A Story of Luxury,Personality, and Fine Jewelry Designs of the Past

    A Story of Luxury,Personality, and Fine Jewelry Designs of the Past

    When acclaimed author Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” he advocated the distinct nature of our personalities. Our traits, behaviors, and preferences are exclusive to each of us – a personal Brand you could say. The cornerstone of luxury rests within …

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