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  • Parenting Q & A

    Parenting Q & A

    Author by Dr. Kondoor V. Abraham I am a mother to two little children. I would like to know what kind of toys I should buy for my children. There are all kinds of toys on the market. Toys that are of educational and social …

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  • I went to sleep at the…zzz

    I went to sleep at the…zzz

    Author by Shruti Patel When initially brain-storming for this article, I started with ideas about fitness and eating well. I then came across an epidemic that deserves to be acknowledged: sleep deprivation. In this context, an epidemic is simply a factor that affects many people …

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  • The Conscious Parent

    The Conscious Parent – – Dr. Shefali Tsabary

    About the Author Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, New York. Dr. Tsabary was exposed to Eastern philosophy at an early age and integrates its teachings with Western psychology. It is this blend of East and West that allows …

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  • Third Battle of Panipat

    Third Battle of Panipat

    January 14th is the day of Pride for all Hindus all over the world !! The greatest battle recorded in history was Panipat III war on 14th Jan 1761. The Hindus (Maraathaas) fought the war with the Islamic Afghans (Ahmed Shah Abdaali was leading them) …

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  • The women behind the most powerful man in India

    The women behind the most powerful man in India

    “You may be going to work, hmm?” Gursharan Kaur reminded her husband, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister (PM) of India, as guests began to disperse after the private dinner they hosted for American President Barack Obama and wife Michelle on November 7. With a half-smile, …

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  • The Coming of the Rains

    The Coming of the Rains

    by Aditya Rohit Shah In this wedding special, love, dedication and commitment are dominant themes. This poem written by 17-year-old Aditya Rohit Shah describes the true love of Radha for Lord Krishna, and it is a fitting inclusion for this special. The clouds gather in …

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  • Bridal Makeup - What not to do

    Bridal Makeup – What not to do

    You are the star on your wedding day. Sadly, many girls complain of looking overworked and tired in their wedding pictures due to heavy makeup. Their most precious moment turns into a nightmare. Find a flawless look that suits your style, trousseau and the event. …

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  • Never ever say never!

    Never ever say never!

    Ten years ago, when I first started Bharatanatyam dance lessons with Guru Smt. Harija Sivakumar I would have probably burst into tears at the thought of having an Arangetram. I genuinely abhorred dancing! What eight-year-old would get excited about waking up early on a Sunday …

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  • Franchising – Most Popular among people from the Indian Subcontinent

    Franchising – Most Popular among people from the Indian Subcontinent

    Did you know… Franchising has been providing business opportunities for more than 150 years–and is part of this country’s blueprint for growth. From 1974 to 2008, Subway has franchised over 22,200 locations in the U.S. Franchised businesses supply an annual payroll of $278.6 billion–or 5.3% …

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  • 2009 Year in Review

    2009 Year in Review

    2009 was a very exciting year for Desh-Videsh, and it certainly seems like the year flew by very fast. Thanks to all of readers, we achieved several milestones in pursuing new projects as well as in being able to improve upon current endeavors. Throughout the …

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