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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visits the United States
The making of Narendra Modi is not the ordinary rags to riches story. An inspiration for millions, his story is so hard to believe and even defies logic. It is hard to imagine a modest tea seller setting his sights on a future as Prime Minister of India. To say that the climb to the top was arduous is putting it mildly. For a determined mind and clear vision, difficulties only pave the way for greater achievements. In time and after much hard work, Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat, a position he held from October 2001 – May 2014.
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Fareed Zakaria Interviews Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
In his first interview since becoming the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi spoke with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria from his official residence in New Delhi in mid-September 2014. The new Prime Minister and Zakaria covered a range of issues, a few of which are excerpted below.
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Quotes of the Day: Prime Minister Modi’s US Address
On Sunday, September 28, 2014, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addressed a crowd of nearly 20,000 Indians living in the United States as well as several US elected officials and prominent cities, at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. Below are a few thoughts from officials and the crowd.
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Editors View
A few days ago, we had the honor to be a part of the press contingency covering Prime Minister Modi’s address at Madison Square Garden in New York City. One US reporter correctly stated that Modi rocked Madison Square Garden, and that is should have been known as Modison Square Garden that day! In a venue where rock stars often perform, PM Modi made history when over 20,000 people came to listen to his address.
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Bringing the Light of Diwali to Every Home
If you are greeted with an ensemble of the brightest festive attire matched with delectable foods and a grand display of fireworks, do not be fooled into believing that you are part of an elaborate film set. Diwali has its import and significance rooted deeply in Indian tradition, with ancient mythology bearing its source.
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2014 MyShadi Bridal Expos: Year in Review
For those who have attended a South Asian wedding in the United States, you know you are in for a sensorial treat. From the moment you step into a wedding venue transformed by colorful fabrics and florals, exotic smells, and beat-filled sounds, your expectations for all of life’s other celebrations take on new meaning. For those who have planned a South Asian wedding in the US, the experience is an emotional one sure to try your patience and test your relationships.
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Enjoy the Celebration... and Keep it healthy!
The festive season is here! Navratri, Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving ... the list is endless this time of year. No doubt each holiday holds a special meaning for you and your family, be it cultural traditions or an outing you do as one unit. For many, our fondest memories of holidays often revolve around food.
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Bhavika weds Dhaval
Friends played cupid to get Bhavika and Dhaval together in Little Rock, Arkansas. Once the arrow struck, the two dated two years and four months. The couple, along with friends, went on a vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. On a lovely beach there, Dhaval arranged a romantic dinner just for the two of them.
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Priya weds Shawn
Priya and Shawn met through a mutual friend, and the first time Shawn saw her, he predicted that she was going to be his future wife. For their first date, they went to a BBQ restaurant in Chicago and after sharing an evening filled with much fun and laughter, Priya knew Shawn’s prediction would come true.
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Tania weds Anish
Tania Sanchez and Anish Vora held their destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico. The three day wedding celebration was held at the JW Marriott in Cancun, Mexico. The couple met in October 2010.
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Shivani weds Christopher
Shivani Patel, a mortgage processor, and Christopher Carranza, an assistant bakery manager, were first introduced by mutual friends who wanted the two to date. When they actually met, sparks immediately flew. Two years and two months after they began dating, Christopher proposed during a vacation in Orlando.
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Consider a Dream Destination Wedding in Florida
So your big day is approaching and you’re considering every unique possibility for a memorable wedding. Consider planning a destination wedding in Florida. Destination weddings echo lofty feelings of one’s dream wedding in paradise.
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Fall 2014 Bridal Wear and Decor Trends
For any bride, choosing not only a look appropriate for the occasion, but also one that showcases your personality, can seem like a daunting task. You “oooh” and “aaah” over glamorous shots in glossy magazines, but reality is there lurking in the background.
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New Age Indian Wedding Vows To Make Your Marriage Stronger
The most important ritual in an Indian wedding is the saat-vachan, or the seven vows that the bride and groom need to take to solemnize their wedding. These vows are eternal, the basis for a happy marriage, and the secret that keeps marriages together for as long as the husband and wife live.
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Top 5 Trendy Looks From Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2014
“WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA” – this is how the preamble of our Indian constitution begins. Yes, we are the people of India who feel proud as being Indians. And August 15 is a day when we proudly admire ourselves as Indian citizens as on this very day in 1947 we achieved freedom from British rule.
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Rani Mukerji’s Secret Wedding
The story of the latest power couple of Bollywood, Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra, is no less exciting than a typical Yash Raj thriller romance. When one of the most powerful men in Bollywood and the queen of hearts fell in love, nothing could stop them from spending the rest of their lives together.
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Immigration Q & A
It is important to prepare for a marriage immigration interview. The officer will want proof that you married your spouse to establish a life together and not just for the immigration papers.
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Bollywood Today
Deepika Padukone, one of the most sought after stars in the Hindi film industry, said she does not believe in doing cameos in an interview promoting her next film, Finding Fanny. The movie trailer is already a huge hit and has amassed around four and a half million views on YouTube alone.
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Desi TV Duniya
Akshay Kumar is one actor who does not shy away from experimenting. He is all set for his second stint in the television show called Dare 2 Dance, where contestants dance in extreme conditions on land, mid air, and on sea. The entire shooting of the show is planned to take place in Cape Town, South Africa.
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