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President Obama Visits India US-India Strengthen Relations
Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his current leadership role in India, the country has become very visible one the world stage, and she has become a global player. When Prime Minister Modi invited US President Obama
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Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas Awards
hose who leave the comforts of home to conquer new challenges across the globe have a true adventurous spirit. To honor the exceptional and meritorious contributions of Indians living overseas as well as recognize their role in India’s growth,
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Why Health and Fitness Month Should Include Your Mouth
While the year may still retain its freshness, chances are our New Year’s resolutions you know, those pesky declarations we made to ourselves and our loved ones only a few weeks back, resolving to transform our lives are beginning to feel a little stale. Many of us declared we’d swear off alcohol, get in shape, lose weight, listen
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Sciences of the Ancient Hindus: Unlocking Nature in the Pursuit of Salvation By Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar, in his book, Sciences of the Ancient Hindus: Unlocking Nature in the Pursuit of Salvation, has provided a powerful and comprehensive insight into the extraordinary intellectual contributions of the ancient Hindus, the full story of which had hitherto remained largely unknown and unappreciated throughout millennia of neglect.
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When Getting Healthy, Start Small
Beginnings are the worst. At least when it comes to starting healthy habits. If you have ever kicked an old habit to replace it with a new one, you know what I am talking about.
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Global Weight Loss Program Addresses Global Obesity
As a doctor, my mission is to ensure all my patients have the healthiest life possible, and we both know that means you need to lose some weight. More and more of my patients are coming in and telling me about the latest fad diets. As I weigh them, I see they are gaining weight instead of losing pounds of fat. Well, enough is
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Ask the Expert
The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine defines it as "the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate
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Community Spotlight: Dr. Iqbal Nazir, Homeopathic Consultant and Therapist
I was born in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, and received my primary education from Baqar High School in Rampur. I earned a Bachelor's in Physiology and Master's in Biochemistry as well as degrees in Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy (study of medicinal plants and Homeopathy). I am also a Certified Clinical Chemist from the American Society of Clinical Pathology
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Desi TV Duniya
Zee TV’s popular show featuring Ankita Gera, Roopal Tyagi, Mahima Makwana and Piyush Sahdev ended the last week of January. The show has entertained audiences for more than two years and concluded with a grand finale, as is revealed by sources close associated to the makers.
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Editors View
Many of you know that I am a big fan of Prime Minister Modi and his plans for the future of India. When Prime Minister Modi visited the United States back in September, I was thrilled to get the chance to see him address crowds of fans.
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Dr.Vivek Murthy - First Indian American US Surgeon General
What struck me when I first met Dr. Vivek Murthy was his profound ability to listen. His quiet confidence, exceptional leadership skill and medical acumen are only superseded by his incredible capacity to make everyone he interacts with feel heard. It is this rare quality that will serve him well as he enters his new role as Surgeon General of the United States of America. In a time of intense partisanship and political gridlock,
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Hindu American Foundation’s NextGen Essay Contest Winners
Since 2009, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has sponsored an annual essay writing contest through which the “next generation” can explore their Hindu American identities.The theme for the 2014 essay was “Green Living.”
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Average Citizens, Average Heroes By Aanandh Chandrasekar
I have always been, and always will be, a devout Pixar fan. The messages they deliver, wrapped up in a colorful cast of characters (often literally - look at Sulley!), are important, touching, and without a doubt, incredibly relevant. I, for one, was star struck by The Incredible. Like everyone, I found the superheroes’ disappearance into obscurity heartbreaking, but one quote always struck me: “Where are [the superheroes] now? They are living among us.
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Faith is a Cradle of Trees by Nila Bala
When I was in high school, I tried to discover God and ethics through science—looking into physics, biochemistry, and neurology. If there was a moral center to ourselves, I wondered, where was it located? But then, I fell off a cliff and stopped wondering as much. I was at an overlook in Peru, and I remember hearing my friend’s voice “Get up; there’s ants all over the bench.”
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The Power of an Academic Mentor
As you ring in the new year and celebrate the holidays with your family, you reflect on the past year and decide to make positive changes. Your children are nearly halfway through the school year, and they may need some guidance or encouragement to push through the next few months. The holidays have passed, final exams are near, and the next real break to look forward to is summer vacation still many months away.
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Get to Know: Sailaja N. Joshi, Founder/CEO of Bharat Babies
Like many young Asian American parents, Sailaja Joshi wanted to share stories about her Indian culture with her own children. Fond memories of Amar Chitra Kathas and stories told to her by her grandfather formed her expectations. As a new mom in 2013, Joshi went in search of books that would share her love for Indian heritage in an age-appropriate manner with her then newborn daughter.
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Raising Confident, Cultured Children
For first generation South Asian parents, raising children to be aware of their heritage can be daunting. The very task of raising confident, engaged, and academically inclined children is hard enough. Adding cultural understanding just complicates the situation
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Immigration Q & A
Under the new Deferred Action for Parents (DAP), you will be able to apply for a three year work permit and you will be safe from deportation for that time, as long as you have lived her more that 5 years, have no major criminal history and have children who are permanent residents or citizens.
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Desi Duniya
Colors’ television show Balika Vadhu is all set to gear up with a high power drama to keep audiences glued to their screens. On one hand, Amol will be able to stand on his feet while Gehna will finally marry Niranjan; unfortunately, Nandu will oppose it.
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Editor 's View
On behalf of the entire Desh-Videsh Media Group, I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! With all your support and encouragement, we are ready to embark upon 2015.
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