March 2015

Desh Videsh March 2015 – Cover Story
Priya weds Kunal

Priya weds Kunal

At 27-years-old, Priya Patel was enjoying being a Physician’s Assistant and never thought that she would find the love of her life in the realm of banking and finance. But, destiny had other plans, and Priya ended up marrying 31-year-old Kunal Shah, a CPA. When the two met in 2013 in Chicago, little did they know that the interaction would …

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Nikki weds Mayur

At 27 years-old, Nikki Patel, based in Tampa, and Mayur Patel, who lived in Texas, were both looking for their life partners through the web portal. Nikki first expressed an interest in September 2013, and one month later, Mayur accepted the request. The two began talking to each other, and what initially was restricted to just a few messages …

Real Weddings

Diana Weds Ananta

Weddings are always special for the couple who is about to begin a new life together. When families are woven into the wedding story, the magic and fun that occurs multiples. Two years after dating Diana, Ananta sought the blessings of her parents and let his family in on his plans for a grand proposal. In the presence of his …

Wedding Planning

Bollywood Weddings

Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma Salman Khan left no stone unturned for his youngest sister Arpita’s wedding. Celebrities from all industries flew all the way to Falaknuma Palace situated in Hyderabad to attend Aayush and Arpita’s fairy-tale wedding celebrations. Beginning from the venue to the decorations to the cuisines being dished out, everything was lavish. Falaknuma, one of the most …

Wedding Planning

Why Couples Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Author by Rina Shah The Arpan Group The novelty of being engaged has worn off and reality hits with full force. There’s a wedding to plan! The entire process can be challenging – from compromising on style to managing the many opinions of all involved. With ample information available online via popular websites such as The Knot, MyShadi, Desh-Videsh, and …

Wedding Planning
Choosing the Right Venue For Your Vision

Choosing the Right Venue For Your Vision

Author by Rina Shah The Arpan Group Once a couple is engaged, along with the many congratulations and best wishes from family and friends, comes the inevitable onslaught of questions. When is the big day? Have you picked a place yet? Where you choose to host your wedding will likely be one of the most difficult decisions during the planning …

Wedding Planning

Ask the Wedding Expert

Wedding planning can be daunting, but don’t worry – the experts are here to help! Send your wedding planning questions to How far in advance of my wedding should I start looking for a baker? The earlier is always the better. A lot depends on location and if it is wedding season. Also, if you have a particular custom …

Immigration Q & A

Immigration Q & A March 2015

Author by Edward Boreth Q. I called the USCIS about my case. They told me that they would send me a decision in 30 days. It has now been 3 months and I have received nothing. When I called again, they now told me I have to wait 180 days! Why did they give me different information from the first …


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