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  • December 2006

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  • The Namesake

    The Namesake

    One of the best things about reading Ms. Lahiri’s book, “The Namesake” was putting it down whenever the feelings of sadness, anger, distress, or joy came over me. Even better, I could put it down when I felt overwhelmed by empathy. Sure, I could empathize …

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  • Bollywood Today

    Bollywood Today

    First, the quarterly results are out! The performance of Bollywood films over the first three months of 2007 doesn’t seem rosy at all. Almost resembling the disappointing act of the Indian cricket team in the World Cup, the Box Office shows that only one film …

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  • Teenage Perspective

    Teenage Perspective

    Sometimes it’s hard to know whether I’m coming or going. It’s tough enough being a teenager – you’re trying to fit in and blend in to the crowd. And, yet, I can’t. My tan skin and dark hair give me away. I was brought up …

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  • Pandit Jasraj: The Voice of Indian Classical Music

    Pandit Jasraj: The Voice of Indian Classical Music

    On a hot and stifling summer night in Delhi, a vocalist started singing the raga, Dhulia Malhar. The moon was shining full and bright, but the weather was unbearable. While the singing progressed, nature seemed to get involved too. Dark clouds began gathering and before …

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  • NRI Travel Guide : Kashmir

    NRI Travel Guide : Kashmir

    Kashmir is India’s own piece of heaven on Earth. For ages, this picturesque valley has allured tourists and adventurers into its mesmerizing maze. People from all walks of life and from all parts of the world have fallen for the captivating charm of this valley, …

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  • Celebrating Mother's Day Every Day

    Celebrating Mother’s Day Every Day

    The holiday began many, many years ago in ancient Greece, where mothers and maternal gods were honored with an annual festival. The holiday, in modern times, has evolved from the notion of “Mothering Sunday” celebrated in the United Kingdom as a Christian holiday more so …

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