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  • Tips to Help You Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

    Tips to Help You Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

    Trying to stay fit and healthy in today’s world can be challenging. We are constantly running from one soccer game to tutor sessions and more. You may think that picking up a pizza on the way home from basketball practice is a quick, easy solution, …

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  • June 2008

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  • Book Review

    Book Review June 2008

    Peace or Perish There is No Other Choice: Stepping Stones for Turbulent Times by J.P. Vaswani Here is a practical blueprint for an authentic peace, a long-lasting peace, a worldwide peace – and, it begins with you, the individual! Leaning on the world’s great religious, …

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  • Bollywood Today

    Bollywood Today

    Vivek Oberoi’s brand image to get a paradigm shift Vivek Oberoi recently bagged Karan Johar’s next production to be directed by Rensil D’Silva, in which he will be starring in the lead along with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Meanwhile, Popcorn Motion Pictures and …

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  • Healthy Times

    Healthy Times

    Researcher’s study shows steroids not beneficial for kids with bacterial meningitis According to a new study led by a scientist of Indian origin, corticosteroids given to children who are hospitalized for bacterial meningitis do not provide a benefit in survival or in reduced hospital stays. …

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  • Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father’s Day

    My Father, My Mentor and My Hero A passing thought, a vision, I saw an image deep in his eyes, A source of love, tender affection, given without compromise. I recall the many times that he had stood, by my side, Prodding me on with …

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  • Indian Art & Artists

    Indian Art & Artists

    I was at a singing competition recently (the IRCC Idol in South Florida) cheering all the talented participants, and especially my wife Rupal J. She had selected a beautiful semi-classical song from the movie Lamhe. It was no coincidence that the best songs and those …

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  • LASIK Eye Surgery

    LASIK Eye Surgery

    Dr. Arun Gulani, founder of the Gulani Vision Institute, Jacksonville, Florida, is a world renowned expert in LASIK eye surgery. Here he offers some insight and emphasizes that complications from the surgery occur most often when the necessary groundwork before surgery isn’t covered both by …

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  • Jala Neti - A Breath of Fresh Air

    Jala Neti – A Breath of Fresh Air

    WARNING: The following article discusses in great length and vivid detail the expulsion of bodily fluids, namely nasal secretions. If you are squeamish, keep reading you’ll get over it. Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever…I felt like the woman in the Nyquil commercial. Although …

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  • Healthy Yet Refreshing Summer Drinks

    Healthy Yet Refreshing Summer Drinks

    On a hot summer day, you may be tempted to reach for an ice cold soda or a beer. Get the same refreshing taste from much healthier alternatives! Sodas contain a lot of sugar and corn syrup, both of which should be consumed in moderation. …

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