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  • July 2008

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  • Bollywood Today

    Bollywood Today

    Bollywood Fathers and Their Children The Indian film industry is not an exception. For the last seven decades, one has seen an actor’s son or daughter joining the film bandwagon. A discussion along this line inevitably begins with the first family of Bollywood – the …

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  • Healthy Times

    Healthy Times

    Healthy Times Siddha Medicine For the first time, an internationally acclaimed journal on modern medicine has published an elaborate article on the efficacy of Siddha medicine, the traditional system of Tamil Nadu, in curing skin diseases. The article was written by J. Joseph Thas, a …

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  • Indian Art and Artists

    Indian Art and Artists

    Indian Art and Artists Indian Art and ArtistsI was never really drawn to classical music (Indian or Western) until I was in my teens. I still remember the radio program on All India Radio – Sangeet Sarita at 7:30 in the mornings where a raga …

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  • How to raise Hindu Children in the USA

    How to raise Hindu Children in the USA

    How to raise Hindu Children in the USA Living as a Hindu here in the USA, parents must keep a watchful eye on what their kids are being exposed to. There is a different dominant faith here and, as we all know, not all their …

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  • Kumon


    Incorporating Learning into Summer Fun For children, learning is an on going process-one that con tinues even after the last bell of the school year. Just because families are gearing up for fun, sun, and relaxation, that doesn’t mean educational activities can’t be incorporated into …

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  • Congratulations Graduates!

    Congratulations Graduates!

    (Excerpt of Ex – Prime minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair’s speech to the Class of 2008, Yale University, New Haven, on May 25, 2008) First, in fact, keep learning. Al ways be alive to the possibili ties of the next experience, of thinking, …

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  • Generation Z: Building Tomorrow's Success

    Generation Z: Building Tomorrow’s Success

    Spelling Bee 2008 Sameer Mishra, an eighth grader at West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School, won the 2008 Scripps National Spelling Bee beating 288 children in the 8 to 15 age group. Interestingly, another Indian, Siddharth Chand of Michigan, took second place thereby reinforcing the talent …

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