Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2008’

  • Gandhi Maharaj

    National Gandhi Day of Service

    National Gandhi Day of Service is an annual event that brings together college students of all different backgrounds to provide service to their community in the name of Mahatma Gandhi ‘s values of compassion and equality. The event was first held at the University of …

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  • Book Review

    Book Review

    Author by Mataji Devi Vanamali and Deborah Heiligman Shakti: Realm of the Divine Mother by Vanamali (Hindus all over the world will be celebrating Navratri in the month of September. The book review in this issue on the Divine Mother is very timely.) Shakti is …

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  • Swami Ramdev Baba

    Swami Ramdev Baba

    Baba Ramdev is a renowned Yoga teacher. Through the medium of television, he has taken the art of yoga to each and every household far and wide. He is the host of a yoga based program named Divya Yog which has people from different parts …

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  • Ramadan: May Peace Prevail Everywhere

    Ramadan: May Peace Prevail Everywhere

    The time has come for the Muslims around the world to observe the month-long period of extreme abstinence, discipline, and self-control – Ramadan. The absence of food and drink and other pleasures provides a perfect opportunity to concentrate on prayer and worship. Not having the …

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  • Indian Art & Artists

    Indian Art & Artists

    As I dig into my earliest memories, it is difficult for me to think about the days of Navratri (nine days of worship and dance) without associating it with garba and raas. Garbas show up in weddings too. It has grown in popularity beyond the …

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  • Golden India in The Olympics: The Wait is Finally Over

    Golden India in The Olympics : The Wait is Finally Over

    The wait for an inordinately long 112 years is finally over. The prayers of many Indians have finally been answered. The dream of a sports-crazed nation deprived of any glorious success is ultimately cherished. Yes, the once thought to be impossible has finally taken place. …

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  • Garba Going Global

    Garba Going Global

    Famous garba song writer Avinash Vyas, famous garba singer Diwaliben Bhil, and other garba-raas lovers will have mixed feelings if they see young kids in the United States playing garba. Most of them will be pleased because these kids are keeping the flame of their …

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