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  • April 2014

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  • Immigration Q & A

    Immigration Q & A April 2014

    I have had my green card for 7 years. I met my fiancée on a trip back to India. We plan to get married soon and of course I would like her to come to the United States to live with me here. Our families …

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  • Desi TV Duniya

    Desi TV Duniya

    Sunil ‘Guthi’ Grover notand Sohail Khan have competing with Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma made a great pair on Comedy Nights with Kapil. Since leavingComedy Nights, Grover started his own show called Mad in India in which he will reprise the character of …

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  • Bollywood Today

    Bollywood Today

    Gunday earns $4.65 million in two days Gunday, starring Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, has received mixed response from audiences and critics alike. While some call it a refreshingly different movie, others call it a potpourri of confusing ideas. Its first weekend earnings …

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  • Bollywoods Appeal: Why are we so fascinated?

    Bollywoods Appeal: Why are we so fascinated?

    Author by Suhani Patel As the world’s leading producer of movies, no other country makes as many movies as Bollywood. Hindi cinema is comprised of a multitude of genres. The tradition inherent in some films versus the modernity of others is what creates Bollywood’s eccentric …

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  • Bollywood Music: Then and Now

    Bollywood Music: Then and Now

        Music is one of the pillars on which Bollywood movies are structured. Over the years, the music in Hindi cinema movies has evolved tremendously; from the soulful nasal renditions like “Jab Dil hi Toot Gaya” by K.L. Saigal in the 30s and 40s …

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  • IIFA Events 2014

    IIFA Events 2014

                      Tampa Bay, Florida is thriving with excitement as the IIFA 2014 ceremony is poised to rock the city. The event is spread over four days, from April 23– 26. Tickets for the awards ceremony, ranging between …

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  • IIFA Awards 2014 Glitz and Glamour Come to Tampa

    IIFA Awards 2014 Glitz and Glamour Come to Tampa

    The IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) Awards are the grandest movie awards in India. Known as the “Bollywood Oscars” due to the prestige and honor associated with the awards show, one of IIFA’s main objectives is to propel Indian cinema to the global platform. In …

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