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  • 3 Ways To Have a Wholesome Summer

    3 Ways To Have a Wholesome Summer

    3 Ways to Have a Wholesome Summer By Aditi Wardhan Singh The last day of school, I got my son ready and sent him off with a happy heart and waited for the clock to strike 12:00 pm when he would come back and I …

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  • Ananya Vinay

    2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee: Indian Americans Continue to Succeed

    2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee: Indian Americans Continue to Succeed As with preceding years, not a dull moment was to be found during the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee. All of the spellers amazed the audience with their breadth of knowledge and passion for spelling. …

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  • Books on Hinduism

    Books on Hinduism

    In honor of Hindu Heritage Month (as celebrated in the state of Florida), this issue presents readers with a listing of varied titles to inform, engage, and enlighten the spiritual mind! The Nay Science by Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee The Nay Science offers a …

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  • Virtual Internship at Desh-Videsh Media Group

    Virtual Internship at Desh-Videsh Media Group   An active part of the South Asian community in the United States, Desh Videsh Media Group keeps traditions alive and instills new generations with a sense of cultural awareness. Through Desh-Videsh, a community magazine in print for over 20 years and …

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    Learn from the 20-something Year Olds: Invest in YOU

    Author by Nisha Jani By Nisha Jani As the school year ended, with the parking lot of my school in the rearview mirror, I could easily say I looked forward to spending time at home doing absolutely nothing. Summers between middle and high school grades …

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  • Blending Passion with a Cause

    Blending Passion with a Cause By Aarohi Talati

    I am filled with a fiery passion for my culture. I love every aspect about it. One thing in particular that I adore about my roots is the form of art called mehndi in India, but henna in America. This is an all-natural herbal dye …

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  • Miami-Dade County Spelling Bee Champ!

    Miami-Dade County Spelling Bee Champ!

    Congratulations to the winner of the Miami-Dade County Spelling Bee, Vasundara Govindarajan! Born and raised in Miami, Florida, sixth-grader ( Archimedean School in Miami) Vasundara won the Miami-Dade spelling competition, sponsored by the The Miami Herald, and earned a spot to compete in the Scripps …

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  • Educational Resources for Children and Families

    Educational Resources for Children and Families

    Sanjay’s Super Team A Pixar Short Film by Sanjay Patel In “Sanjay’s Super Team” accomplished artist Sanjay Patel uses his own experience to tell the story of a young, first-generation Indian-American boy whose love for western pop culture comes into conflict with his father’s traditions. …

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  • Class of 2020 Valedictorians and Salutatorians

    Class of 2016 Valedictorians and Salutatorians

    Desh-Videsh congratulates all 2016 graduates! We wish them all a future filled with prosperity and meaningful opportunities. We are especially thrilled that so many of our young community members continue to excel and push themselves to be strong, talented leaders. Learn more about these Valedictorians …

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  • Student Debt Among Indian Americans

    Student Debt Among Indian Americans

    The general perception suggests that Indian American parents are wealthy and pay for their children’s education, but things are not always what they seem. By Taniya Talukdar According to The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) Project on Student Debt, two-thirds of students graduating …

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