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  • Indians Spell Success

    Indians Spell Success

    No one is surprised to see a successful Indian walk into a boardroom, no matter which part of the world. Everyone has readily accepted that Indian intellectual capital is among the best in the world. While native intelligence and innate talent must be acknowledged, credit …

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  • Akshaya Patra

    Akshaya Patra

    The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one of the world’s largest NGO-run midday meal programs. The mission is to simultaneously address childhood hunger and malnutrition while also promoting education for underserved children in India. Hunger is a hidden problem that over 50 million children battle silently. …

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  • Bal Vikas

    Bal Vikas

    To view more additional Bal Vikas news or to submit Bal Vikas news to be published in the next issue of Desh-Videsh, visit What a New Year means to me – By Malika Jain A New Year has a very special meaning for me …

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  • Memoirs of a Second Semester Senior

    Memoirs of a Second Semester Senior

    Author by Katyayani Jhaveri For most high school students, making the decision of where to go to college is hard. Ultimately to make that one choice, many factors have to be added up: location, school size, finance. So how do you decide? Do you listen …

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  • No Child Left Behind - Indian Charity Organizations in USA

    No Child Left Behind – Indian Charity Organizations in USA

    Author by Padmini Rao One of India’s biggest gifts to the spiritual world, the great saint and philosopher SwamiVivekananda, once remarked, “Service to mankind is service to God.” He was of the opinion that God resides in the soul of every human being – taking …

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  • More than arithmetic!! Whole Brain Development!!

    More than arithmetic!! Whole Brain Development!!

    Many people often assume that learning arithmetic is merely a method to increase the speed and accuracy of calculation, for example, solving 738×16 + 20 x 46 = ? Within a few seconds. By itself, it is already an amaz ing accomplishment for most young …

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  • Education

    EducationaL Excellence of Indians

    The prowess of Indians in the field of higher education, especially in disciplines like mathematics, has taken a fabled shape by now. In almost every western college or university, it is a common sight to find an Indian name among the top three students. The …

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  • Broward Aloha Math Kids First In Florida

    Broward Aloha Math Kids First In Florida

    Try solving – 628 x 85 + 19 x 40 =? You must be reaching for a calculator, but a child trained in ALOHA Mental Arithmetic can solve this in seconds using the Abacus technique of performing mathematical calculations. ALOHA stands for Abacus Learning of …

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  • Kumon


    Incorporating Learning into Summer Fun For children, learning is an on going process-one that con tinues even after the last bell of the school year. Just because families are gearing up for fun, sun, and relaxation, that doesn’t mean educational activities can’t be incorporated into …

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  • Congratulations Graduates!

    Congratulations Graduates!

    (Excerpt of Ex – Prime minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair’s speech to the Class of 2008, Yale University, New Haven, on May 25, 2008) First, in fact, keep learning. Al ways be alive to the possibili ties of the next experience, of thinking, …

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