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  • Heart Disease in Indian Americans

    Heart Disease in Indian Americans What you should know now

    M. P. Ravindra Nathan, MD, Editor-in-Chief, AAPI Journal About three and half decades ago, a prominent Indian physician living in suburban New York City died of a sudden heart attack at the young age of 49. The first reaction from the Indian community was shock …

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  • Unhealthy Doctors Don’t Make the Grade

    Unhealthy Doctors Don’t Make the Grade

    Author by Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena Odds are that you wouldn’t surrender your lovely locks to a hairstylist who herself looks disheveled with ill attention to her hairstyle. Similarly, would you entrust your life savings and future financial security to a financial advisor you know …

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  • TLC for a weak heart

    TLC for a weak heart – By Paromita Chatterjee (

    I remember my mother used to cook such delicious food that we used to look forward to every meal. But one day, it all changed. The day my father came back from the hospital after his first heart attack, we realized things wouldn’t be the …

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  • A Vegetarian - way of life in The US

    A Vegetarian – way of life in The US

    Garden salad … caprese pasta … veggie wrap… tofu eggplant … panang curry with vegetables… these dishes might sound familiar to vegetarians who like dining out often. I visited the farmers market in Los Angeles last month and was overwhelmed and excited at the same …

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  • Indian Wellness Pursuits

    Indian Wellness Pursuits

       YOGA Yoga is a practice that uses posture and breathing techniques to induce mental relaxation and improve the immunity system. It is the reunion of the self with divine power. Yoga looks into the root causes of every disease and works towards eliminating those …

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  • Aerobics


    Aerobic dance and beyond For those of you who thought aerobics was all about dancing, here is some clarification: Aerobic exercise is a moderate intensity workout that extends over a certain period of time and uses oxygen in the process. There is not just one …

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  • Combination Synergy

    Combination Synergy

    Tomatoes and Broccdi While both tomatoes and broccoli are highly nutritious on their own, when combined they offer supercharged cancer fighting ability. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an important nutrient that is a natural cancer preventative. The sulphur contained in broccoli helps to eliminate tumor-causing toxins. Together …

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  • Hospitable India

    Hospitable India

    India, at one-tenth the cost of that in the US, looks forward to providing world-class medical services to ailing as well as beauty-conscious Americans. Whether your heart longs to be cut open and reset or your hips crave a transplant, your face needs a cosmetic …

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  • Kitchen Resolution

    Kitchen Resolution

    Do we ever make resolutions like, “This year I’ll cook healthy food,’” “I’ll eat at home 6 days a week,” “I’ll learn a new thing,” “I’ll teach one new thing to my child besides studies and mundane activities,” or “I’ll make all my ground spices …

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  • Losing Weight the Right Way

    Losing Weight the Right Way

    Author by Ritu Sehgal Pick up a sustainable food and exercise plan and make it work for you We all know that to lose weight or to remain healthy one has to eat right and exercise. In my last article “Give Homeopathy a Chance” I …

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