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  • AYURVEDIC Medicines

    AYURVEDIC Medicines!!!

    Courses like Homeopathy, Naturopathy or Ayurveda have their own set of benefits in terms of principles, diagnosis process and treatment of various complicated ailments and hence have gained tremendous importance and universal popularity all through. Ayurveda is Natural Medicine Ayurveda is the oldest and most …

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    With summer at hand, it’s a perfect time to try new cool beverages. Family and friends have been coming over and will be, so why not try something new! Pineapple, celery, apple & cucumber with ginger Makes approx 1½ cups Useful for the relief of …

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  • Yoga Getting Popular Among Indians

    Yoga Getting Popular Among Indians

    A slogan on a T-shirt in the West goes: “Whatever the question, the answer is� more yoga.” Yoga is not merely limited to a fashion statement; it is a practice that has taken the world by storm, India being no exception. Ranging from a cryptic …

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  • 7 Steps to a More Serene Life

    7 Steps to a More Serene Life

    Take this quick test: What are the thoughts that typically cross your mind in the course of a day these days? Do they run along the following lines? I’m totally exhausted and my backaches. I obsess about problems but can’t seem to develop solutions. My …

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