July 2007

Desh Videsh July 2007 – Cover Story

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007

In a country as big and as populous as India, the citizens exhibit a multitude of talents in the arena of performing arts. However, it is always challenging to identify talent and bring it to the forefront. Whether in sports, arts and culture, or music, often the best of the artists fade away, only because they do not succeed in …


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Dhul Hijjah and the Spirit of Hajj

There are a number of religions practiced in the world, and deep within the ultimate aim of all of them is to spread love, harmony, peace, compassion for others, and establish faith in a Supreme Being. The approaches and the methods may differ, but the goal is the same – a belief in a higher being. Likewise, Islam, one of …

Incredible Indians

Incredible India! - Amazing facts about Gujarat!

Incredible India! – Amazing facts about Gujarat!

Gujarat is one of the most prosperous states of the country with a per capita GDP 3.2 times India’s average. If Gujarat was a nation, it would be the 67th richest nation in the world above many European and Asian economies like China and Ukraine. Gujarat holds many records in India for economic development: – 20% of India’s industrial output …

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Narendra Modi

The Man Behind Gujarat’s Success

Gujarat, the land of rich culture and heritage, from where Mahatma Gandhi started his satya griha movement to liberate India from the British rulers is today rated as the number one state in India, our beloved motherland. In a short span of just five years, Gujarat has achieved the highest degree of administrative efficiency and modernization. In fact, Gujarat has …

Festival of India

Christmas in India

Christmas in India

The festival of Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and conveys his message of love, tolerance, and brotherhood. It is a celebration of humanity and mankind. Though Christmas is a prominent festival on the Christian calendar, it still has a special significance in everyone’s life. It is celebrated as a universal festival throughout the world. In India, this festival …


Bollywood News

Bollywood News

Om Shanti Om screened for less privileged children Sixty-seven underprivileged children from the Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare and Government Boys Hostel for the Handicapped had a memorable time enjoying the luxury of watching Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om at Vijeatha Theatre in Borabanda. A local non-governmental organization organized this special screening of the popular film in view of the …