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    Editorial March 2012

    March 2012 Dear Readers, Before I begin discussing this month’s wedding issue, let me share our personal joy with all of you as our extended family members. We now have one more addition in our family. My son and daughter-in-law welcomed a baby girl to …

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  • Where Are They Now?

    Where Are They Now?

    Many of our readers often wonder how the featured wedding couples are doing long after gracing the pages of Desh-Videsh. Beginning with this wedding issue, we visit with Desh-Videsh wedding story couples to find out about life after marriage! Nilu and Jay Patel March 27, …

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  • Immigration Q & A

    Immigration Q & A March 2012

    Author by Edward Boreth Has President Obama signed a new law to help immigrants get legalized? Not exactly. The administration proposed a change in the regulations that deals with how waivers are processed. The new rule is expected to go into effect toward the end …

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  • Shalini Weds Randy

    Shalini Weds Randy

    Your first love, whether in adolescence or adulthood, is never forgotten. Often, puppy love does not last very long, and we tend to move on in life. It is rare for a first love to be the last and eventually culminate in marriage, but in …

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  • Why Wedding Shopping in India Never Fails to Inspire

    Why Wedding Shopping in India Never Fails to Inspire

    Just mention the word “shopping,”and you will see pleasure and pain co-existing side by side.Most women are sure to be beside themselves with enthusiasm and glee, while men will have complete horror written on their face.The sheer thought of having to spend endless hours in …

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  • The Long and the Short of Life Shivani Weds Samir

    The Long and the Short of Life Shivani Weds Samir

    Some romances ignite instantly. Others take some time before the acquaintance transforms into friendship, and then grows into a deeper love that lasts for life. While whirlwind romances and tumultuous love works for some couples, others like their romance to age like wine. Consider into …

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  • Atlanta MyShadi Bridal Expo 2012

    Atlanta MyShadi Bridal Expo 2012

    The MyShadi Bridal Expo is designed with the needs of brides in mind. Exhibit areas are planned to allow foot traffic and enable couples and their families with direct access to booths and vendors. Exciting promotions, raffle drawings, and the chance to win a free …

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  • Life is a Beach - Shailee Marries Vivek

    Life is a Beach – Shailee Marries Vivek

    holidays are treasured, what we never let go of is the magic of our own wedding. Beginning with courtship, continuing all the way to the proposal and wedding planning, and finally ending with the moment that is lost all too soon, love and marriage make …

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  • A Star Studded Affair - Riteish Weds Genelia

    A Star Studded Affair – Riteish Weds Genelia

    Romance, high profile or not, is hard to keep under wraps. Love is a difficult secret to keep, especially when the courtship is long. When the lovers in question are high profile public figures, you can be certain that word is bound to slip. This …

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  • A Magical Wedding - Reenal Weds Saurav

    Magical Wedding – Reenal Weds Saurav

    For some, there is a moment in life when you meet someone and know instantly that they are meant to be your spouse. For others, it takes a long courtship before you can really be sure that someone is your soul mate. For Reenal Patel, …

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