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  • 67th India Republic Day

    67th India Republic Day

      This year, India celebrated its 67th Republic Day with a much pomp-filled spectacle, including daredevil stunts and flamboyantly coordinated acts. It was a gallant affair showcasing military prowess and glimpses of the nation’s rich heritage. The occasion was graced by French President Francois Hollande as …

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  • Diwali Image E1455987169981

    Diwali Festival of Light

    Author by Faren Rajkumar The entire Desh-Videsh Media Group team warmly welcomes Faren Rajkumar as its newest staff writer. Faren’s background and experience both with journalism and creative writing makes her an ideal member of our growing team. My year always begins anew on the …

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  • Bringing the Light of Diwali to Every Home

    Bringing the Light of Diwali to Every Home

    If you are greeted with an ensemble of the brightest festive attire matched with delectable foods and a grand display of fireworks, do not be fooled into believing that you are part of an elaborate film set. These are just some of the wondrous elements …

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  • RakshaBandhan By Satya Nauth

    RakshaBandhan By Satya Nauth

                            The Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan was born over 6000 years ago, and as time has drifted on the significance has remained untouched, though the way it is celebrated has metamorphosed with the …

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  • Independence of India

    Independence of India

                      “WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA” – this is how the preamble of our Indian constitution begins. Yes, we are the people of India who feel proud as being Indians. And August 15 is a day when …

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  • Diwali Going Beyond Traditional Identities for a New Religio-Spiritual Perspective

    Diwali Going Beyond Traditional Identities for a New Religio-Spiritual Perspective By: Priyanka Ramlakhan, MPA

    Author by Priyanka Ramlakhan For a Hindu celebrating Diwali in the West, images of diyas, rangoli, and mithai are conjured accompanied by the sweet melody of bhajans. For most Indians belonging to the diaspora, Diwali is not only an observance marked by merriment, but also …

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  • Independence Day Set Yourself Free

    Independence Day Set Yourself Free

    Come August 15, the Indian tricolors will fly high. Grand parades will be arranged, all that is worth showcasing will be strutted about, and there will be many moments of instant gratification. After all, Independence Day is a monumental occasion, and the occasion deserves its …

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  • Letting Diwali Shine Through

    Letting Diwali Shine Through

    The festival of Diwali tends to be celebrated in superficial ways today. While there is no harm in indulging in the superficial, it is also important to remember that with every passing Diwali, another year has passed us by. Diwali is among the most awaited, …

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  • Heralding India’s Independence Day at Home and Abroad

    Heralding India’s Independence Day at Home and Abroad

    America is a superpower, and there can be no refuting that fact. However, its glory cannot be ascribed entirely to its own efforts. After all, America has grown to embrace an identity that, in fact, contains elements from various nations. From a time in 1965 …

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  • Color Yourself Holi!

    Color Yourself Holi!

    Bright colors, tasty treats, watergun fights, music, dancing and of course the lighting of the sacred fire. This is how we know the festival of Holi has come. For Hindus everywhere the coming of spring brings us the possibility of rebirth, new opportunities and an …

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