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  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

      UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India Many of us associate nations with particular landmarks, even without knowing about its culture or history. When one thinks of India, a great many sites come to mind – majestic palaces, vast landscapes, towering mountains, and more. Cultural, …

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    Experiential Luxury Travel

    The Wild of Africa…Within Your Reach! It seems that everyone we visit with has a luxury safari in Africa on their must-do list. Our response is, “Why wait?” Since 1984, Safari Ventures has been dedicated to bringing the African experience closer and more affordable to …

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  • 5 Top Carry On Luggage Options2

    5 Top Carry-On Luggage Options

    With overhead space on airplanes at a premium these days, the brand and style you choose for your carry-on luggage makes all the difference! From size and capacity to versatility and style, here are a few brands to get you started on your carry-on luggage …

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  • Tips To Make A Road Trip Thumb

    Tips To Make a Road Trip Easy And Memorable

    “Will the kids sit for so long?” “It is going to be so hard with little kids.” Comments of disbelief poured in when we announced our cross country trip from Richmond to Denver to Chicago and back by car with our 6- and 3-year-old kids. …

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  • Why Book with a Travel Agent instead of Online?

    Why Book with a Travel Agent instead of Online?

    Why Book with a Travel Agent instead of Online? By Amee Gohil, Puja Travels International “Why should I use a travel agent?,” is a question that is frequently asked of travel agents. Today, with an overwhelming number of sources for travel information (the Internet, cable …

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  • Eat Healthy And Drink Lots Of Fluids1

    Top Ten Tips for Stress-Free Traveling

    Top Ten Tips for Stress-Free Traveling Traveling within the country or abroad? Follow these travel tips to help you stay ahead of the game. By Taniya Talukdar When preparing for a trip, there are many details to consider, especially considering the potential for pitfalls. Planning …

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  • Global Travel Detail1

    Global Luxury Travel Destinations

    Global Luxury Travel Destinations By Faren Rajkumar Traveling to new places can be a luxurious and indulgent experience, no matter in which part of the world you find yourself. From the far East to Europe, every country offers its share of exotic, lavish, and comfortable …

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  • Exploring India Title Final 3 Golden Temple 1

    Exploring India Following the Path Less Traveled

    Exploring India: Following the Path Less Traveled On your next trip to India, add sites that are rarely traveled to your itinerary and be prepared to discover the hidden treasures. By Taniya Talukdar India has always fascinated world travelers who have been highly intrigued by …

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    India – the land to travel to, a haven of tourism delights, a civilization to tour through. Thousands of tourists come to India for its wealth of sights, cultural exuberance, diversity of terrain, and for the extraordinary feeling they experience during their stay. With a …

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    PALACE ON WHEELS India has long been known to the world for the grandeur and pomp that is asso ciated with the royal families and rulers of independent, princely states of erstwhile India. The lure of this extravagance had attracted several thousands over the ages.  …

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