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  • Luxurious India: Must See Destinations

    Luxurious India: Must See Destinations

    India, blessed with tremendous geographical, cultural and climatic diversity, is a beautiful tourist destination – one that appeals to every type of traveler. In any corner of India, travelers are sure to find locales and sights to meet their criteria. Many popular destinations in India …

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  • Top 3 Beach Wedding Destinations in India

    Top 3 Beach Wedding Destinations in India

                          Beach weddings are fun, casual and romantic. Maybe you have always dreamed of a beach wedding, but are also trying to plan a wedding in India to accommodate family requests. Not to worry, even …

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  • The Palatial Lavishness of India

    The Palatial Lavishness of India

    Vacation is all about removing all stops and living a life of nobility. While we all would love to be waited on hand and foot and enjoy a grand vacation, many of us do not know how to achieve it or feel we can afford …

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  • Glamourous Indian Beaches

    Glamourous Indian Beaches

    For the relaxed vacationer, they love to believe that life is a beach. When you vacation in India, this is literally what life can become for you. You really do not need to be in just one place to enjoy the warmth of the sun …

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  • Honeymooners

    Honeymooners: Discover Colorful India and its Beauty

    Whether you want to visit the sun-baked beaches in the south or go hiking on an adventure trail, India has it all. India even offers you one of the best holy shrines in the world and many serene mountaineering locales, which can transport you and …

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  • Winter Holidays in India

    Winter Holidays in India

    With winter arriving, many are thinking of and looking for places where they can celebrate the New Year. While travelers come to India looking to visit their friends and family, not too many view it as a complete destination that can offer varied tastes of …

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  • Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

    Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

    Once the wedding celebrations are over and guests have gone home, excitement quickly dies down. After everyone leaves, brides and grooms are left to their own devices. Some brides move in with extended families where they live with many other family members, but it is …

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  • Travel Tour To India

    Travel Tour To India

    Where There is Something for Everyone For adventure, mystery and enigma, thousands of visitors travel to India throughout the year. Some come to acquaint themselves with the country’s culture, while others come for a relaxed holiday to soak in Indian hospitality. A significant number come …

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  • 5-Star Journeys to India.

    5-Star Journeys to India. Savour unforgettable sights and tastes.

    Author by Rina Shah The Arpan Group Qatar Airways, the national carrier of the State of Qatar, is currently undergoing rapid expansion, which includes new service destinations within India. With one of the youngest fleets in the world and an aggressive expansion strategy, the airline …

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  • India: Best Vacation Spots for NRIs

    India: Best Vacation Spots for NRIs

    Planning your annual vacation? Wondering if it’s going to be the same old routine of going to India to meet family and old friends and acquaintances, with the kids bored to death doing the same things every year? Well how about combining a family gathering …

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