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Kristen and Arpan

Kristen and Arpan

When Kristen Wellman met Arpan Patel for the first time, little did she know that they would build a lifetime of love and two different cultures together. Arpan was immediately smitten with Kristen when he met her at a New Year’s party thrown by his friend Andrew, who turned out to play innocent matchmaker for his twin sister! Kristen and …

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Sabrina weds Dillan

BANQUET HALLS Piedmont Park 404-875-7275 | EVENT PLANNER Simply Eloped 415-539-2523 |PHOTOGRAPHER Elicia Bryan Photography 404-827-8139 | PRIEST Milenda 415-539-2523 Sabrina Ramlall and Dillan Cothran’s wedding took place at the Dockside venue at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Their intimate ceremony celebrated their love and represented their cultures through beautiful and unique touches on their memorable day. Tell us about …


Raj Shah Managing Editor of Desh Videsh Media Group

Editorial June 2021

Dear Readers, One year ago, the situation in the United States was very different. Covid-19 was front and center, and keeping safe, wearing masks, and canceling events all became the norm. As a team, we here at Desh Videsh Media Group had to make the hard decision to cancel all bridal shows and put a hold on wedding issues due …


Bollywood Weddings during the Pandemic

We all look forward to the Big Fat Indian Weddings of Bollywood. The well-known stars, a who’s who guest list, grand décor and mouth-watering food are all part of the gala events that come together for stunning Bollywood weddings. Marriages may be made in heaven, but these mega-events are made extraordinary by wedding planners.  Recently with the Covid-19 pandemic and …


Am I Able To Get Rid of Toxins Before My Wedding? by Chahna Tailor

Am I Able To Get Rid of Toxins Before My Wedding?

By Chahna Tailor Happy June and happy wedding season! Usually, in preparation for our wedding, we want to make sure that we look our best physically. But are we also in our best shape when it comes to our health? Our bodies do so much for us. But, we do not always take care of it to the best of …


The Latest Bridal Trends Unveiled

By Anjali Kochhar Weddings are more than just a ceremony that makes a union official. For some brides, the wedding is a chance for a dream imagined as a young girl to come to life. While every bride’s dream features different settings and themes for the special day, there is a common thread that binds them all – the perfect …


Canvas Event Venue

Vendor Profile: Canvas Event Venue Canvas Event Venue is a family-owned and operated event space in Orlando, Florida. Their team of event professionals has a passion for parties, from industry conferences to coming-of-age milestones to weddings, and everything in between! Canvas is a completely raw event space for you to play in. The open central gallery of 10,000 square feet …


The Best Engagement Shoot Locations in Florida

For couples, engagement photo shoots are a fun, informal way to express personality and explore breathtaking locales. Florida is a state that offers a variety of locations from sandy beaches and natural landscapes to historic sites and quaint towns. Photographers Captured by Elle and Vanessa & Johnny Photography + Films share some of their favorites spots in the Sunshine State! …