August 2014

Desh Videsh August 2014 – Cover Story

RakshaBandhan By Satya Nauth

RakshaBandhan By Satya Nauth

                        The Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan was born over 6000 years ago, and as time has drifted on the significance has remained untouched, though the way it is celebrated has metamorphosed with the changing times. Rakhi day is a day to seek the blessing and protection given by …



Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation to Raised Record $5 Million for 2014 By Prakash Waghmare PR/Media Affairs Ekal Nat'l Committee

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation to Raised Record $5 Million for 2014 By Prakash Waghmare PR/Media Affairs Ekal Nat’l Committee

                    hen the Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi in his first maiden speech to the Indian Parliament talked about ‘issue-centric focused activities like Education to eradicate poverty,’ it was as if he was referring Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation (EVF) mission. For past 25 years, Ekal USA has been dispensing …


Janmashtami - 2014

Janmashtami – 2014

  On August 17, states across India will come alive with celebrations. People will form human pyramids to crack a pot hanging high in the air. Women dressed in colorful lehenga-cholis will dance in joy around a blue-colored man holding a flute and wearing a peacock feather in his head. Yes, that means Janmashtami is coming. The festival commemorates the …


India Unveiled: Spirit, Tradition, People by Robert Arnett

India Unveiled: Spirit, Tradition, People

Author by Robert Arnett and Smita Turakhia   For Robert Arnett, capturing the essence of India and its varied terrains and people was a journey he took to heart. The sixth edition of India Unveiled: Spirit, Tradition, People takes readers on a visual journey of India much as earlier editions did; however, with its larger format and expanded sections, the …


Back To School : Checklist

Back To School : Checklist

Author by Ravi Shah   Checklist Believe it or not, summer vacation is coming to an end and the new school year is just around the corner. Television ads are being aired and sale papers with back to school deals have been distributed. It is always tough to get back to routine – for both students and parents. Here is …


Bollywood Today

Bollywood Today

                  Holy month of Ramadan builds bridges in Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan hugged last year at a Ramzan Iftar party and made news. This year, they repeated the gesture at MLA Baba Siddique’s Iftar party. The party was hosted at the Taj Lands End Hotel in Mumbai. Shah Rukh …

Desi TV

Desi TV Duniya

Desi TV Duniya

                  Devon ke Dev Mahadev marks 700 shows One of the most acclaimed shows on television, Devon ke Dev Mahadev, has reached another major landmark in its journey. The popular show has completed 700 episodes. The lead actor, Mohit Rana, has been doing an excellent job portraying the job of Lord Shiva. …


festival of india

Independence of India

Independence of India

                  “WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA” – this is how the preamble of our Indian constitution begins. Yes, we are the people of India who feel proud as being Indians. And August 15 is a day when we proudly admire ourselves as Indian citizens as on this very day in 1947 we …

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