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  • A loss of life, a community's responsibility

    A loss of life, a community’s responsibility

    As representatives of South Asian community-based organizations working to end violence against women, we are saddened by the recent murder of Reshma James, a 24-year old South Asian woman, just days before Thanksgiving. The tragic shooting death of Reshma James at the St. Thomas Syrian …

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  • Indians in US Politics

    Indians in US Politics

    Traditionally, it is believed that Indians are very good at politics, whether it is within the confines of their homes, or in their locality or community, or in the greater spheres of state or national politics. That may be why, often when things do not …

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  • Words to live by

    Words to live by

    Valunteer in India Right outside my window, I could hear the waves crashing against Chowpatty Beach and the bells ringing at Maha Laxmi temple. I sat in a room with no air-conditioning, tying knots onto the ends of rope pieces as the students I was …

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  • The Indo-Caribbean Diaspora in North America

    The Indo-Caribbean Diaspora in North America

    In the twentieth century, many Indo-Caribbean people migrated to North America to escape the poverty, lack of equal opportunity and political abandonment that they experienced in the Caribbean nations. Coming to North America was a difficult decision because the Caribbean is, and perhaps always will …

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  • Global Unity Begins With Individual Peace

    Global Unity Begins With Individual Peace

    Author by Gurudev Shri Amritji (Yogi Amrit Desai) We stand at the dawn of a new age. Political, religious, social and racial conflicts on the planet have become a catalyst for an awakening of planetary awareness. More and more, people are becoming conscious of the …

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  • Sabeer Bhatia

    Sabeer Bhatia

    This is the phenomenal success story of a magnetic personality – a 40-year-old Indian, a brainy but bewildered kid from Bangalore arrived at the Los Angeles Airport in September 1988 after a 22-hour flight, jetlagged, and starving. He was 19 at the time, had only …

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  • Words To Live By

    “Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country” – US President John F. Kennedy Upon his appointment as the President of the United States, President John F Kennedy appealed to his fellow countrymen to come forward …

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  • An Interview with Mike Patel

    An Interview with Mike Patel

    Mr. Patel currently serves as chairman of three community banks which he helped establish in large part to better serve emerging communities of Indian and Oriental small business owners in the United States: Haven Trust Bank, which serves entrepreneurs nationwide from Atlanta; Haven Trust Bank …

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  • Mandir: Celebrating Heritage and Nurturing the Future

    Mandir: Celebrating Heritage and Nurturing the Future

    The 21st century brought with it technological advances with such power and precision that in the last fifty years, man has seen more technological development than he has seen in the last 5000 years But let us pause and ponder upon the words of one …

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  • The 2007 Scripts National Spelling Bee

    The 2007 Scripts National Spelling Bee

    And then there were only 15. On May 31, 2007, the nation’s brightest spellers eagerly waited on stage at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC, to begin the championship round of an annual, much loved and much respected event. The 80th Annual Scripps National Spelling …

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