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  • Internationl_Day_of_Yoga

    5th International Day of Yoga

    5th International Day of Yoga Heritage Sandy Springs Park 6110 Blue Stone Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30328

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  • Take a Moment of Mindfulness

    Take a Moment of Mindfulness

    By Chahna Tailor One topic that is getting more awareness is mental health. Mental health issues may be overlooked because the signs can be subtle and may be simply accepted as day-to-day stress. At some point, we have experienced thoughts that have a tendency to …

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  • Mahatma Gandhi Health2

    Mahatma Gandhi’s Approach to Health

    By Prasad Gollanapalli Mahatma Gandhi’s approach to health is simple and natural. It is based on reason, understanding and practice. Health and wellbeing covers human body, mind and spirit. Gandhi’s approach to healthy life included disciplining the body and controlling mind. His experiments in dietetics …

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  • Removing The Taboo A Conversation Featured Image

    Removing the Taboo – A Conversation on Mental Wellness

    Lashing out unexplainably on family members, suddenly crying by yourself, losing appetite or even gaining appetite to feel better – if any of this sounds familiar, you are far from alone. In fact, these are some of the most common signs of emotional stress. This …

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  • Mindful Ways Ftr Img

    Mindful Ways to Unplug from the Daily Grind

    Depression, anxiety and stress have now become common words we use on a daily basis irrespective of race, gender, age, and nationality. Unfortunately, many of us understand these personality disorders and diseases of the mind to be ordinary and a part of the our daily …

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  • Stem Cell Ftr Img

    Stem Cell Therapy: A Knee Surgery Alternative

    By: Saira Sultan, ND More than 600,000 knee replacements are performed the United States yearly. These include patients that have spent years skiing, running marathons, walking golf courses or just suffering from chronic arthritis. Many of these surgeries can be avoided by alternatively undergoing a …

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  • Get Your ZZZs Featured Image

    Get your ZZZs: Ways to Enhance Your Sleep Health

    Sleep is an essential factor affecting human well-being in general. What keeps the human body functioning normal to a great extent is sleep! Have you gone a few days without much sleep and realized that it was a tough day at work after that? Sleep, …

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  • Meditation for Children

    Meditation for Children

    Meditation for Children By Chahna Tailor With the world moving so rapidly, it has become possible to provide future generations with more than our parents or grandparents could have even dreamed. Children are being exposed to so many things at an earlier and earlier age: …

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  • Bowl Of Fresh Fruits

    10 Ways to Naturally Detox your Body for the New Year

    10 Ways to Naturally Detox your Body for the New Year By: Saira Sultan, ND The New Year means a time for a New You. If this means to achieve your weight loss goals or cleanse your body, then these detoxes will be a great …

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  • The Holiday Weigh-In

    The Holiday Weigh-In

    Holidays tend to bring about very rich memories for us, usually centering around the excitement of traveling and family members visiting. Every year it’s a new blur of vivid colors, bright lights, and delicious aromas. Oh the aromas!! It’s almost like every holiday has its …

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