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  • India Inc. on Global Acquisition Sprees

    India Inc. on Global Acquisition Sprees

    The history of India is filled with instances about how foreign traders came to this land in search of prosperity and turned hay into gold. Indian shores saw the footprints of the Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Chinese traders, though it was ultimately the British …

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  • Golden India in The Olympics: The Wait is Finally Over

    Golden India in The Olympics : The Wait is Finally Over

    The wait for an inordinately long 112 years is finally over. The prayers of many Indians have finally been answered. The dream of a sports-crazed nation deprived of any glorious success is ultimately cherished. Yes, the once thought to be impossible has finally taken place. …

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    These syllables are very strongly etched in my mind as my sister practiced her Bharat Natyam steps assiduously. They would surely have distracted my watching TV, but at that time there were only two channels, and none with cartoons! My son will reminisce about different …

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    This article is the first in a series which deals with Indian music and art as well as some perspectives by artists who perform and teach them. In this issue, we will start with the tabla – the ubiquitous Indian drumming instrument. My son bangs …

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  • Narendra Modi

    The Man Behind Gujarat’s Success

    Gujarat, the land of rich culture and heritage, from where Mahatma Gandhi started his satya griha movement to liberate India from the British rulers is today rated as the number one state in India, our beloved motherland. In a short span of just five years, …

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  • Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007

    Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007

    In a country as big and as populous as India, the citizens exhibit a multitude of talents in the arena of performing arts. However, it is always challenging to identify talent and bring it to the forefront. Whether in sports, arts and culture, or music, …

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  • Resurgence of the INDIAN PHOENIX!

    Resurgence of the INDIAN PHOENIX!

    One could easily recall the criticism, ignorance, and ha tred the team faced after the World Cup debacle. The players began to lose contracts and endorsements, and so was the game in India, which was regarded as another religion. Even the parent body BCCI took …

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  • Musafir: The Musical

    Musafir: The Musical

    Hameed, a musician, an arranger, and a music director, hails from Rajasthan and has a longstanding musical tradition behind him. His father and grandfathers were experts of folk and classical Indian music, a legacy that is successfully carried forward by Hameed. While he has proved …

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  • Cricket World Cup - A Quadrennial Celebration

    Cricket World Cup – A Quadrennial Celebration

    Hold your breath! Fasten your seatbelts! The countdown has begun, and cricket fever has gripped the entire world. Even cricket players feel their hearts beating faster than usual as the greatest event in the cricket world is just a few days away! It is no …

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  • Consumer India - An overview of Republic Day

    Consumer India – An overview of Republic Day

    Just after Independence, at a time when stalwarts of Indian politics were busy shaping the plan for the future of the just-freed country, there was both hope and doubt reigning everywhere. No one knew what lay in the future, how the country was going to …

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