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  • Ramadan: May Peace Prevail Everywhere

    Ramadan: May Peace Prevail Everywhere

    The time has come for the Muslims around the world to observe the month-long period of extreme abstinence, discipline, and self-control – Ramadan. The absence of food and drink and other pleasures provides a perfect opportunity to concentrate on prayer and worship. Not having the …

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  • Saptapadi

    Saptapadi: The Seven Vows of Hindu Wedding

    Saptapadi Hindu Wedding marriage knot northeasterly direction Besides the religious meaning behind the significant seven steps also called Saptapadi, there is also a mathematical rationale on performing the seven rounds circling the fire. A circle is 360 degrees and all numbers between 1 and 9 divide …

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  • Huj

    Dhul Hijjah and the Spirit of Hajj

    There are a number of religions practiced in the world, and deep within the ultimate aim of all of them is to spread love, harmony, peace, compassion for others, and establish faith in a Supreme Being. The approaches and the methods may differ, but the …

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    In Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs practice their religious beliefs. Our languages, foods, and our cultures are somewhat similar to each other. Eid and Diwali were celebrated in October. Now Christmas is coming in December. All these special days are beautiful …

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    Her speeches are soul stirring and so eloquent that many men and women in the audience weep openly and make no attempts to hide their tears. I accompanied Didi Maa to Florida, New York, New Jersey, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Our itinerary included several …

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  • What does Spirituality mean to me?

    What does Spirituality mean to me?

    “Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don’t know it.” “Having been born and raised in a Christian home, you would think I had it all figured out, but my biggest problem was guilt, in spite of all that I heard in churches.” …

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  • How to Raise a Religious Child

    Throughout much of India, a baby’s birth is celebrated with rites of welcome and blessing–songs, drums, happy distribution of sweets, auspicious unguents, gifts for infant and mother, preparation of horoscopes, and inscriptions in the genealogist’s record books. In general, children are deeply desired and welcomed, …

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  • The Relevance of Mahavir’s Values in Modern Times

    The Relevance of Mahavir’s Values in Modern Times

    Jainism is a magnificent treasure temple of Philosophy, Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography, History and Science it self. There cannot be a need to equate it with Science. Science is making steppingstone in the fields of several mysteries the world is keeping secret However Jainism have probably …

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  • Advice

    Bhagavad Gita and Management Dear Asha, I am 25 years old and just finished my graduate studies. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 5 years now and I recently told my parents about him. The reason I waited to tell them was because …

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  • Bhagavad Gita and Management

    Bhagavad Gita and Management

    Introduction One of the greatest contributions of India to the world is Holy Gita. Arjuna got mentally depressed when he saw his relatives with whom he has to fight. The Bhagavad Gita is preached in the battle field Kurukshetra by Lord Krishna to Arjuna as …

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